Residential Projects


Parisienne Style Front Yard

North York, ON
Toronto, Ontario

For this project we designed the front yard in a modern Parisienne style. The design allows for the driveway to be widened & a large landing area to be incorporated into the plan. A front landing will make useable space for a bistro set. An L shaped accent wall & pillars will anchor the landing area & add dimension to the landscape. Unilock Thornbury pavers are installed throught. A combo for a double border with Unilock Town Hall pavers frames both the driveway & landing areas. A Unilock U-Cara structural system with blocks & fascias are used for the accent wall. All joints are sanded with Gator brand grey polymeric sand. Slate gray flagstone is installed on the porch to match the look & colour of the interlocking pavers. Rectolinear garden beds dug out around the landing area & along the side of the driveway create curb appeal. Two focal Tri-Stem River Birch trees give the garden a bright & clean appearance. Planting the River Birch trees adds height to the design & screens off the landing area from the neighbors & the road. Decorative Maiden Grasses add clean vertical lines & Endless Summer Hydrangeas colour up the landscape. All the shrubs are perennial. To finish off the landscape we installed a felt liner, filled all the garden beds with black woodchips, placed armour stones, & sodded the front lawn with Kentucky Bluegrass sod from Zander Sod Farms.

Parisienne Style Front Yard 1
Parisienne Style Front Yard 2

Transitional Style Front Yard

Maple, Ontario

Front yards belonging to irregular pie shaped lots require a little creativity to make the most of the space. For this landscaping project we widened the driveway & built a larger raised landing area connected to the backyard walkway. We went for a timeless transitional look. Our colour palette consists of tones similar to the dwelling to make the space flow. An L shaped accent wall & pillars instill a sense of grandeur at the main entrance. The stonework consists of Permacon Trafalgar interlocking pavers and Oaks Castlerock blocks. All joints are sanded with Gator brand polymeric sand. The concrete porch is faced with flagstone to tie in the main entrance to the house. Landscape lighting is installed throught the accent wall & along the driveway borders. An irrigation keeps new sod looking green without hassle. A Bloodgood Japanese Maple is planted at the corner of the stone accent wall to transition some height from the house to the edge of the yard. Planters are felted & filled with black woodchips for low ongoing maintenance.

Transitional Style Front Yard 1
Transitional Style Front Yard 2

Medieval Style Front Yard

King City, Ontario

This contemporary backyard was designed in respect to sloping grade changes & incorporates an outdoor fireplace & cascading steps. We created a spacious through area at the gate, home entrance, & main patio area intersection for ease of movement. The main patio area has adequate space for a large dining table, BBQ, & firepit seating. A cascading accent wall with 2 pillars adds character & dimension to the yard. Shaded Gray Permacon Melville pavers are used throught. Bold contrast is achieved by imputing black accent pavers in key areas & installing black natural stone coping on the accent wall, pillars, & firepit. Joints are sanded with grey Gator brand polymeric sand. Three square garden beds are excavated at the patio cornerpoints. Colorado Blue Spruce trees are planted to separate the rest of the yard lawn area & screen off the neighbors. Thrift & Sage add a splash of colour to the garden. All the garden beds are felted & filled with black woodchips for low ongoing garden maintenance. Armour stones are placed throught to bring in natural texture beside the trees.

Medieval Front Yard 1
Medieval Front Yard 2
Medieval Front Yard 3

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