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Decorative Concrete Toronto

Elevate your aesthetics with expert craftsmanship and the stunning possibilities of decorative concrete. At Precision Landscaping, we offer you several options between our decorative concrete services so that you can enhance the beauty, value, and functionality of your property while staying true to your style, budget, and vision.

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backyard pool with stone floor and jacuzzi with roof

What is Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete is a type of concrete with a specialty design to create unique patterns, textures, colours, and finishes. It can mimic the look of natural stone, brick, wood, tile, or white smooth concrete with architectural cuts. With decorative concrete, you can create endless custom designs that reflect your personality, style, and vision.

backyard pool with stone floor with patches of sod, and a cabana with roof and fire place

Benefits of Decorative Concrete

There are many benefits to incorporating decorative concrete in your landscaping. It is a beautiful material that is also durable, versatile and low-maintenance. Decorative concrete can withstand harsh weather conditions, resist shifting, are easy to maintain and stay pristine and functional for years to come. It can also improve the safety and comfort of your outdoor space by providing a slip-resistant and smooth surface, perfect for poolscapes and rainy or snowy days.

backyard pool with stone floor and stone steps

Why Choose Our Company for Decorative Concrete Services?

At Precision Landscaping, we take pride in our well-established reputation for expertise in decorative concrete, backed by over twenty years of experience in creating exquisite, tailor-made concrete landscapes. Our team, dedicated to delivering excellence, selects only the finest materials to ensure each decorative concrete project beautifully integrates aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. We handle your entire landscaping project, ensuring a cohesive and stunning outdoor space. Each project is a masterpiece of detail, with every pattern, texture, and colour meticulously executed to reflect your unique style and needs. Our goal is to not just meet but exceed your expectations, transforming your space into a breathtaking reflection of your personal style and aspirations. Let us transform your space into a stunning reflection of your personal style and dreams with our bespoke decorative concrete services.

Ready to design your outdoor space?

Types of Decorative Concrete Services We Offer

At Precision Landscaping, we specialize in decorative concrete services in Toronto and the GTA. Our experienced professionals and expert team can help you create your own custom outdoor space incorporating decorative concrete to ensure your dreamed outdoor space comes to life to the finest detail. We offer various types of decorative concrete including, smooth white concrete, limestone finished concrete, coloured concrete, and stamped concrete. We install reinforcements where necessary for all concrete types to minimize cracking, ensuring long-lasting durability and maintaining the beauty of the finished surface.

Smooth White Concrete

Smooth white concrete is characterized by its smooth texture and crisp white color. This approach involves creating a smooth finish on a concrete slab, complemented by architectural cuts. These cuts are strategically spaced. They serve both an aesthetic appeal and a functional purpose, acting as control joints, designed to minimize and redirect cracking. This technique combines practicality with a visually appealing design, making smooth white concrete a popular choice for contemporary spaces that require both durability and style.

Limestone Finish Concrete

Limestone finish is a specialized technique applied to concrete to achieve a distinctive look resembling natural limestone. This process involves acid etching, which removes the fine cement from the top layer of the concrete. As a result, some of the aggregate colors within the concrete become exposed. This creates an aesthetic similar to that of natural limestone while roughens the surface to mimic the limestone's texture. This finish is particularly popular for adding a touch of elegance and natural beauty to outdoor spaces, as it blends well with a variety of landscape designs.

Coloured Concrete

Coloured concrete is a type of decorative concrete that uses pigments or dyes to add colour to the concrete mix or surface. Coloured concrete can create vibrant hues or subtle shades that complement your landscape design. This type of decorative concrete is most frequently combined with other techniques, such as stamping or staining, to create more visual appeal in your outdoor space.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete uses stamps or moulds to create patterns and textures on the surface of the concrete. It can imitate the appearance of natural stone, brick, wood, tile, or other materials, blending seamlessly with your outdoor space. Stamped concrete is versatile and can be highly customized to suit your taste and style.

Professional Decorative Concrete Installation

Our professional decorative concrete process is streamlined and efficient to ensure minimal disruption to your daily life. At Precision Landscaping, we handle everything. From site preparation to material selection, design consultation, installation, and the finishing.

Step 1: Design

We will work with you to design a custom decorative concrete plan that suits your vision and style. We will provide you with sketches, drawings, 3D models, or samples to visualize your project.

During this stage, we will collaborate with you to choose the perfect type of decorative concrete for your project based on your needs, preferences, and budget. Together, we will select the right colours, patterns, textures, or finishes that represent your style and complement the design of your home.

Step 2: Site Preparation & Excavation

We will inspect and excavate your site preparing for installation. This process generally includes removing weeds, or old pavement, leveling and compacting the soil, and laying gravel or sand base.

Step 3: Installation

The installation phase involves building the framework for the concrete before mixing and pouring the concrete into place. During this stage, reinforcements are added where necessary, including expansion joints.

Step 4: Finishing

All decorative concrete is finished with architectural control cuts, these cuts redirect cracking into those areas increasing the longevity of the concrete. The decorative concrete is then finished with appropriate sealers, coatings, or treatments to protect and enhance your surface. For those who seek a limestone finish, this is when the acid-etching would be done to create the finished look.

Floating Steps & Accent Walls

Discover the elegance and innovation of decorative concrete floating steps and accent walls. These designs create the look of the appearance of suspended concrete, creating an illusion of floating elements while adding a touch of modern elegance to any setting.

Incorporating LED lighting into the concrete enhances the aesthetic appeal while adding a functional aspect. The combination of light and the illusion of floating steps or accent walls transforms ordinary spaces into functional and striking architectural statements.

backyard pool with stone floor and stone steps

Areas We Service

  • Aurora
  • Collingwood
  • Etobicoke
  • King City
  • Kleinburg
  • Markham
  • Mississauga
  • Muskoka
  • Newmarket
  • Nobleton
  • North York
  • Oakville
  • Richmond Hill
  • Stouffville
  • Toronto
  • Vaughan
  • Woodbridge

Design Inspiration

Need some inspiration for your Decorative Concrete project? Check out some of our stunning Decorative Concrete projects in Toronto and the GTA on our dedicated Projects page.

Questions our Customers ask about Decorative Concrete:

Our expert team is always here to answer any questions you may have about decorative concrete. Here are some of the most common questions we receive about decorative concrete, along with our expert advice to help you make informed decisions.

  • Decorative Concrete allows room for design, giving you endless possibilities to create unique patterns, textures, colours, and finishes. Decorative Concrete can mimic the look of natural stone, brick, wood, tile, or marble. Decorative Concrete can also create custom designs that reflect your personality, style, and vision. Regular concrete is a plain and uniform material mainly used for structural purposes.
  • Absolutely! You can customize the design and colour of your Decorative Concrete project. We will work with you to design a custom Decorative Concrete plan that suits your needs, preferences, and budget. We will also help you select the best colours, patterns, textures, finishes, etc. for your project.
  • Considering Toronto's harsher climate, with its snow, ice, rain, and fluctuating temperatures, the best type of decorative concrete is Smooth Finished White Concrete. This choice is highly versatile and requires the least maintenance in the long term. We also recommend the use of sealers and coatings. Applying sealers or coatings to decorative concrete can significantly enhance its durability. These treatments protect and enhance the surface from moisture, cold, and abrasion, which are common challenges in Toronto's climate.
  • The cost of Decorative Concrete depends on several factors, such as the type of system, the size of your project, and the finish. The average cost ranges between $20-$40 per square foot. Compared to other flooring or surface options such as natural stone, brick, wood, tile, or marble, Decorative Concrete is more affordable and cost-effective in the long run.
  • The most popular type of architectural concrete is smooth white concrete finish. This preference is driven by its clean, modern aesthetic and versatility in various design contexts. Especially trending are floating steps made from smooth white concrete, which offer a visually striking and contemporary look, blending functionality with an elegant minimalism that suits a wide range of architectural styles. This choice reflects a growing interest in sleek, sophisticated design elements in modern architecture.

Contact our experts today to elevate your landscape with stunning decorative concrete! Watch as we transform your vision into reality, creating an elegant and functional luxury outdoor space. Let us design and build so that you can enjoy!


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Whatever I thought that I wanted for my backyard, was not even close to what I am now enjoying! You guys are absolutely amazing and my expectations are totally exceeded. Just an excellent job in every sense. From plants to sod to steps. Thank you for the great suggestions and the superb workmanship. Can't wait to see how much higher my property is now valued. I've received compliments and requests for referrals no less than 5 times already in the past week. And we have happily recommended Precision each time. Best regards!

Alex Di Biase

Vaughan, ON

Precision Landscaping is a company I would highly recommend to do business with. Steve is a talented designer when it comes to helping you get everything you can out of your yard space. Both Steve and Martein are super responsive, respectful of your time, and knowledgeable in whatever it is you might ask them. Their crew was fantastic, on time, worked hard, cleaned up every day before leaving. Our project took 10 days to complete and we are completely satisfied love it how it turned out. Precision Landscaping gave is the exact space we were hoping to have.

Luciana Ruzzo

King City, ON

Steve and his crew are great. Our back yard was a muddy, scrubby weed patch. They cleared it out, levelled it, put in a slab for my new hot tub, and installed an awesome paver patio complete with stone benches and a big fire pit. It turned out way nicer than we were hoping for. What was essentially wasted space is now a great backyard hangout area. And we have to note Steve did a great job of suggesting ideas, since we started out a bit unsure of what we wanted the end result to be. We've already recommended them to a couple friends, and we will continue to do so. And in the meantime we'll be cooling off in the backyard.

Nick and Kirsten

Toronto, ON

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