How to care for sod grass


Proper care for your sod is crucial for maintaining good health and aesthetics.

Watering new sod

Freshly installed sod requires more water then an already established lawn. The initial watering should be completed right after the sod is installed. The first watering should be deep, allowing moisture to penetrate approximately 1’ into the ground.

During the first 2 weeks, the sod should be watered frequently through the day (ideally 5 times per day). This is to ensure constant ground moisture in order for the roots to spread & grow into the new soil.

After the first 2 weeks the watering cycle can be gradually transitioned to eventually watering once daily (preferably early in the morning). The lawn should get watered evenly and be walked through on a regular basis in order to spot any dry or swampy areas.

Mowing and Treatment

Grass height should be kept between 2-3.5 inches. The lawn needs to be mowed if height exceeds 3.5 inches. Exercise caution during the first mowing as some of the sod becomes displaced. If this occurs, not to worry, just place the sod back in its original place.

Regular fertilizer treatments & weed control treatments should be commenced 1 month after new sod installation to keep the lawn in immaculate condition.