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Synthetic turf has an ability to always remain healthy & presentable with very low maintenance.

Although with that said, the lawn should still be monitored periodically to ensure the turf reaches the length of its lifespan. Artificial grass does not face the same dangers as real grass, & does not require the same care procedures.


The lawn should be regularly cleared of any debris. It is necessary to cleanup the leaves before they start decomposing. This can be done using a blower and/or rake.

Topping up the sand is required in drainage areas (ie. Near a downspout) when sand levels are low. Cross brushing the turf will improve appearance & increase the longevity of the grass, especially in high traffic areas.


If anything is spilled on he turf & a stain forms, the turf needs to be rinsed asap. For stubborn stains, the turf can be cleaned with mineral spirits to help dissolve the stain. For sticky stains (ie. Tree sap), aerosol refrigerants may be used to freeze the debris, & it can then be scraped off the lawn.


When cleaning snow off of your deck, use a plastic shovel. A metal shovel may leave scratches on your deck boards. Calcium chloride may be used to melt the snow off of your deck if necessary.

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