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Interlocking and Flagstone


Precision Landscaping has proven to be a highly reputable interlocking and interlock design contractor in Vaughan, and across the Greater Toronto Area. We are known for creating a serene outdoor space you can enjoy. Our goal is to create elegant and functional designs requiring minimal maintenance. Recommendations on interlocking stone, and natural stone are provided. Samples of stone are brought to your home to help you visualize the end result. The perfect pattern, colour, and texture are chosen to create the ideal look. It is important to pick an interlocking stone that is functional and is the right thickness for the application. Railing suggestions are provided for flagstone porches so we can install the perfect frameless glass, aluminium, or wrought iron railing. From stunning driveways & porches, to exotic patios, we can build your landscape paradise.


Each design is unique and customized to your specifications. A professional 2D & 3D rendering are used so that the final outcome accurately reflects your vision. At Precision, your project manager and designer work with you to provide a complete understanding of the finished project, and we will provide you with a variety of options to meet both your budget and desired appearance.


Interlocking excavation

This is the most important part of the job because the base is literally holding the whole job up. To ensure that there is no settling over time, we adhere to a very strict excavation process.

All of our driveways are excavated to a minimum depth of 12 inches, but may be more depending on the depth of the clay base or bedrock.All of the soft topsoil material needs to be removed. For patios and walkways, we follow the same strict process but generally an 8-inch base is more than adequate.


We only use the best quality materials, and proven methods to complete the base under your pavers. The material being used will depend on the area in which the project is being completed (high or low water table). In most cases we use a 3/4 clear gravel base with approximately 1 inch of High Performance Bedding (HPB) directly under the paving stone. The base is backfilled and compacted every 2 inches.

Interlock backfilling and compacting


Paving stone grading

The base is graded and drainage systems are installed if necessary, so there is no stagnant water on the surface. Grading is usually done by installing removable pipes which allows for a completely flat finished product.

Since everything is flat, it is less likely that any movement will occur because the main cause of movement in interlocking stone is water puddling in uneven areas which can eventually damage the base underneath. Preventative measures are key and this is a problem we completely avoid.


Following design and stone choices, the bulk of the paving stone is installed while still leaving room for slight changes which are common on larger projects. We excavate the base a little bit larger than required to ensure that changes can be made and additional charges can be avoided. In addition to this, larger bases prevent movement.

Once all of the stone is installed, we fill the joints in with a special polymer based sand to prevent weed growth (One of the most common problems with interlocking). Depending on the type of stone, normally we compact from the top, to compress the sand in the joints, then apply a top-up of polymeric sand.

Interlock installation



We usually wait until all of the hardscaping (interlocking stone, flagstone, retaining walls, pool etc.) is complete and finish the job with softscaping.

Services to be completed after stonework

  • Sodding
  • Flower Beds
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Fencing
  • Tree Planting

Once all of our work is completed, we do a final inspection which will go through the whole project to make sure all of the work is completed to your standards.

From One of Our Happy Customers

"We called Precision for a backyard interlocking project. We are very impressed with the high quality of their work and professionalism. We will be recommending you to our friends and family. Thanks again for a job well done."

- Suzanne in Vaughan

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