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It's finally here - summer in Toronto has finally arrived and time to take advantage. Forget the patio line-ups. It's time to focus on your own personal garden; your backyard space! The experts at Precision Landscaping can recommend some ideas your way on how to really spruce up your outdoor aesthetic.
Take a journey with us for some ideas…

Low maintenance gardens

Does it seem like everyone has this space near their shed that could use an upgrade? It's just a blank canvas, sitting there, waiting for the right garden project to come to fruition. You don't want something that you're going to have to water every day - you want to relax and take it easy - what else are backyards for?

You've been wondering what to do with it, and have been toying with different ideas - whether it's extending the shed, creating a garden, or expanding the deck with some tropical plants to give off that paradise aesthetic... maybe this is the summer where you do something with that empty space, or maybe it's time you put some time into that space to really transform your backyard.

low maintenance tropical plants garden

Rock gardens

Perhaps a Japanese inspired Zen rock garden? We can find the right assortment of rocks and plants to fit into your tranquil environment. A great low maintenance garden could be using different types of gravel and rock and experimenting with the sizing to create the best results. Crushed granite or river rock and pea gravel could really amplify the tranquil garden vibes. Zen rock garden plants are usually smaller in size. We can use a variety of fresh perennials, ornamental grasses and bushes to add vertical height to create an experience that has that Japanese touch that's finding its way into the top trends in landscaping in 2021.

japanese inspired rock garden

Ditch the soil for something with more soul

Worried about too much blank space? Using a variety of creeping groundcovers such as Heuchera, honeysuckle or brass buttons. Heuchera is a perennial, meaning you wouldn't need to replant it year after year. Its vibrant foliage, which ranges in color from silver to green to brown can fill that ground space you're looking to hide. Add sturdy bulbs such as narcissus, wild tulips and alliums for contrast.

Heuchera Coral Bells garden

Plants defying gravity - vertical plants!

Vertical plant walls - sometimes called breathing walls - are a really creative way to make use of a wall or fence that can be made into something completely new and creative. Your neighbours probably haven't thought of this. You don't need to be limited to horizontal gardens. If you've seen this before on Instagram or pinned it on Pinterest or maybe you saw it at a hotel on a work trip - but if you're looking to create some buzz and have the space for a contemporary breathing wall, then maybe this type of garden is for you!

Vertical plants garden wall

Plants! Plants! Plants!

This isn't your Queen Street condo. If you have a backyard with space you'd like to work with, you can probably outfit your backyard paradise with plants more exciting than regular ferns and spider plants that can thrive in any indoor environment. Now's the time to get creative. Whether its annuals or perennials, trees or shrubs and different types of grass, rocks or creeping groundcover, if you're looking for an exotic escape in your very own backyard, we can provide the recommendations to make that happen. Did you see something beautiful bloom in Edwards Gardens? We can provide that very similar experience for you to enjoy. Just let the experts at Precision Landscaping know what you're thinking to do and we'll come up with the recommendations that fit your space, budget and sunlight allocation to make you forget about lining up at patio restaurants.