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Fall is right around the corner and there's more to get excited about than just pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks. Even with summer coming to a close, the backyard party can keep on growing strong. Fall in Ontario is one of the most beautiful times of year. With the autumn foliage and the changing colours of the deciduous and evergreen colours of the coniferous trees alike, it creates an ambiance unlike any other that makes autumn truly a favourite season for most.

As autumn transitions into winter, exploring creative landscaping in Toronto can breathe new life into your garden, offering seasonal charm and enduring beauty.

So grab that pumpkin spice latte, go apple picking and pick out a cute pumpkin from the corn maze and local farm and get your living space and backyard Ontario autumn ready.

Here are some captivating landscaping design ideas to embrace the beauty of autumn and winter in Toronto.

autumn-coloured-trees front yard autumn coloured trees

Create that warm autumn feeling with some plants such as Red Osier Dogwood. This shrub has distinct red stems all winter long and clusters of creamy white flowers at the ends of the branches in late spring. While it does have green foliage throughout the season, the leaves turn a striking brick red in the fall - like the colour of a cardinal. It produces white berries in late summer, which is also a unique feature. The red branches are extremely showy and add significant winter decoration to your home, which make it a really practical and versatile shrub to incorporate into your garden area.

close up of red osier dogwood scrubs red osier dogwood scrubs

Witch hazel is another really interesting shrub to introduce to your autumn and winter garden to brave the Toronto winters. Witch Hazel is a large deciduous shrub that grace your garden with colourful, fragrant flowers during the winter, which makes it a gorgeous addition to your garden space. Witch hazel is virtually maintenance-free and resistant to most pests so it's great for the most discerning of green thumbs.

Witch Hazel shrub Witch Hazel shrub close up

Winterberry is another plant to add to your landscaping space is is native to Ontario. Adding more red to your garden to complement the fall colours that are upon us. The shrub produces berries that remain on the plant for several weeks to months through winter.

Winter Berry shrub Winter Berry shrub in snow

Keeping with the red theme making a bold appearance in your front porch or backyard, Burning Bushes in your space would certainly be a fiery statement. These bushes grow red throughout the fall, making it a fabulous “specimen tree” -what landscape industry professionals call a showcase tree- or a beautiful hedge which even can add some privacy on the border, while still keeping the lot looking fall ready.

Burning Bushes

And of course, evergreen hedges and trees - such as cyprus or boxwood - are classic staples to have in your garden that are beautiful all year round! Our experts at Precision can help create and landscape an entire gardening space for you to enjoy your backyard all the way through fall and into the winter.