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Landscape Design Services in Nobleton

Located in the York Region, the tranquil Nobleton is a perfect location for designing landscapes that blend in with the area's natural beauty and recreational amenities. The varied terrain of Nobleton offers many possibilities to create one-of-a-kind outdoor spaces, making it an ideal canvas for bringing any creative vision to life.

Our team of experts in Nobleton is committed to delivering outstanding landscape design solutions tailored to your specific requirements. We are deeply committed to creating outdoor spaces that reflect your vision and meet aesthetic and practical needs, from the earliest idea to the final product. Our designs are customized to your preferences, whether you envision a luxurious pool, a welcoming cabana, a serene garden, or a golfing area. Our focus on designing low-maintenance, high-impact landscapes enhances your property's value and enjoyment. Contact Precision Landscaping today and let us help you create your perfect outdoor oasis.

Our Landscape Design Services in Nobleton

Pool & Water Features

pool water features

Cabanas, Pergolas, & Accessory Structures

cabanas pergolas accessory structures

Hardscape Elements

hardscape elements



Garden Design

garden design

Outdoor Lighting Design


Pool & Water Features

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals proficiently producing excellent work. We specialize in creating breathtaking water features and pools that add value, aesthetic appeal, and entertainment to your outdoor space. Whether you prefer a modern or traditional design, we can create a custom-made pool with additional features such as a waterfall, a fountain, a pond or a stream. We are here to transform your ideas into reality with our knowledge and skills.

For more information on our unique pool features, visit our dedicated Nobleton Pool Installation and Water Features page.

Cabanas, Pergolas, & Accessory Structures

We can create a range of outdoor structures, such as cabanas, pergolas, and other accessory structures, that improve your exterior space's appearance and functionality. Whether you require a cabana for your pool, a shaded area to unwind in, or an outdoor kitchen, we can tailor the perfect cabana or multi-purpose pergola to suit your outdoor area. We can build various outdoor structures such as cabanas, pergolas, and other accessory structures that can enhance the features and convenience of your exterior area. Whether you need a cabana for your pool, a shaded area to relax in, or an outdoor kitchen, we can customize the perfect cabana or multi-purpose pergola to fit your outdoor space.

For more information on our accessory structures, visit our dedicated Cabanas and Pergolas page.

Hardscape Elements

We offer hardscape installation services that can enhance your outdoor area's appearance, strength, and longevity. Our team of experts can create a customized and low-maintenance hardscape plan that meets your needs, budget, and preferences. This may involve constructing a patio, walkway, or driveway and installing retaining walls, sports courts, and other features.


Our team specializes in crafting custom wooden features that add warmth, character, and charm to your outdoor space. We tailor our designs according to your personal preferences, whether it's a deck, a privacy fence, a pavilion, or an arbour that can enhance the beauty of your surroundings.

For more information on woodwork, visit our dedicated Woodwork page.

Garden Design

Consider adding garden beds, hanging plants, or other garden features to make your outdoor area more beautiful and fragrant. Our team of experts can help you plan and build a garden that fits your style and preferences. Whether you prefer a formal or informal design, a perennial or annual garden, or a vegetable or herb garden, we can help. Our gardens are also designed to withstand the changing seasons in Nobleton.

For more information on garden design, visit our dedicated Gardens page.

Outdoor Lighting Design

We specialize in developing outdoor lighting solutions to enhance your outdoor space's safety, security, and ambiance. Our team is proficient in designing and installing various systems, including low-voltage, high-voltage, solar, and LED. We take pride in creating personalized lighting designs that suit your unique requirements, whether you need a flood or spot system. Our ultimate goal is to create a lighting design that seamlessly blends with your outdoor surroundings, providing a memorable experience.

For more information on outdoor lighting, visit our dedicated Lighting page.

Our Landscape Design Process in Nobleton

Our team of landscape designers specializes in creating outdoor spaces that elevate your Nobleton property's potential. They follow a careful process to bring your ideas to life.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

We will initially have a phone conversation to evaluate the compatibility of our project. Once we agree to move forward, we will arrange an in-person meeting.

Step 2: Assess Site Conditions

During our in-person meeting, we assess your site's conditions, discuss your needs and preferences, and review your budget.

Step 3: Design

We will collaborate with you to create a personalized landscape design plan that includes sketches, drawings, and 3D models, utilizing the expertise of our talented team. We use advanced techniques and tools to construct a 3D layout of your landscape design to help you better visualize your project. During this phase, we carefully select high-quality materials that match your preferences, requirements, budget, and local weather conditions.

The design stage is crucial and requires collaboration. We value client involvement to ensure our design meets and surpasses your expectations. We will work together to make any necessary revisions.

Step 4: Permits & Regulations

We will help you obtain the necessary permits, ensuring our designs meet all local regulations.

Step 5: Installation

We ensure that we supervise the entire installation process and work together with contractors to guarantee that the end product is of the utmost quality.

Step 6: Maintenance & Care

We can provide helpful tips and support to ensure the continued preservation and maintenance of your recently installed outdoor landscape, ensuring that it remains aesthetically pleasing and functional for years to come.

Other Areas We Service

Questions our Customers ask about Landscape Design in Nobleton

Our team is always here to support you with any questions regarding landscape design. To enhance your understanding and help you make informed choices, we've provided expert answers to some frequently asked questions below.

  • Landscape design aims to create outdoor spaces that are both practical and beautiful while also being sustainable. It combines plants, materials, structures, and features to enhance your property's aesthetic, ecological, and social aspects.

  • Having a professional landscape design for your property and lifestyle can bring several benefits, such as:

    1. Improving the aesthetic appeal and value of your property
    2. Creating a practical and comfortable outdoor living space
    3. Improving the environmental and health benefits of your property
    4. Expressing your style and personality
    5. Saving time and money

  • To keep your landscaping area in good condition, it's essential to follow these simple tips: You can maintain your landscaped area by following some simple tips, such as:

    1. Ensure your plants receive adequate and consistent watering
    2. The use of mulch can aid in retaining moisture in your garden while also preventing weed growth in garden beds
    3. Regular pruning will promote growth and maintain the shape of your plants
    4. Fertilize your plants to provide essential nutrients and promote optimal performance
    5. Prevent staining and damage to hardscape elements by keeping them clean
    6. Ensure your lighting and irrigation systems are working properly by conducting regular checks
    7. Consider hiring a professional landscape maintenance company to take care of your landscape

Contact our team of landscape designers to transform your Nobleton backyard into a functional and stunning outdoor retreat. Let us design, permit, and build so that you can enjoy!


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Whatever I thought that I wanted for my backyard, was not even close to what I am now enjoying! You guys are absolutely amazing and my expectations are totally exceeded. Just an excellent job in every sense. From plants to sod to steps. Thank you for the great suggestions and the superb workmanship. Can't wait to see how much higher my property is now valued. I've received compliments and requests for referrals no less than 5 times already in the past week. And we have happily recommended Precision each time. Best regards!

Alex Di Biase

Vaughan, ON

Precision Landscaping is a company I would highly recommend to do business with. Steve is a talented designer when it comes to helping you get everything you can out of your yard space. Both Steve and Martein are super responsive, respectful of your time, and knowledgeable in whatever it is you might ask them. Their crew was fantastic, on time, worked hard, cleaned up every day before leaving. Our project took 10 days to complete and we are completely satisfied love it how it turned out. Precision Landscaping gave is the exact space we were hoping to have.

Luciana Ruzzo

King City, ON

Steve and his crew are great. Our back yard was a muddy, scrubby weed patch. They cleared it out, levelled it, put in a slab for my new hot tub, and installed an awesome paver patio complete with stone benches and a big fire pit. It turned out way nicer than we were hoping for. What was essentially wasted space is now a great backyard hangout area. And we have to note Steve did a great job of suggesting ideas, since we started out a bit unsure of what we wanted the end result to be. We've already recommended them to a couple friends, and we will continue to do so. And in the meantime we'll be cooling off in the backyard.

Nick and Kirsten

Toronto, ON

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