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Regular cleaning and avoiding some harmful practices will improve the lifespan of your new stonework.


Calcium Chloride salts or sand should be used instead of traditional rock salts for your de-icing purposes.

The reason for this is that rock salts will accumulate in the pores and gaps of your interlocking, resulting in stone erosion.


Routine pressure washing of pavers is recommended, although intensity should be adjusted to no more than 2000 psi to avoid blasting out jointing sand and creating gaps.

Any weeds that appear over the life of your new driveway should be pulled immediately so they don't spread.


Pressure washing, re-sanding, & sealing your interlocking stone approx. every 5 years will always keep it looking fresh.

Avoid sealing the stone for at least 1 year after installation. This may trap any efflorescence salts that may be inside the stone resulting in white patches.

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