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Sealants fill the pores of your pavers. Protects interlock driveways from spills, salt and much more.

Full gloss

Wet look, full shine

Semi gloss

Wet or regular look, semi shine


Wet or regular look, no shine

We use polymeric sand


Grey or Beige. Doesn't wash away. Prevents growth of weeds and grass between paving stone.

Interlock Sealing Process


  1. Pressure washing 3500 psi (old sand/dirt/weeds blast away)
  2. Repairs if needed
  3. Sanding
  4. Application of sealant

From One of Our Happy Customers

"Steve and his team did an excellent job cleaning up and freshening up the landscaping of the home. Complete with cleaning and re-sealing the stone driveway, laying new sod, and completely overhauling the backyard."

- Adam in Toronto

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