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On average, a complete pool installation project takes approximately 8-12 weeks, beginning with design to installation and finishing with additional amenities. The timeline of your project will vary depending on various factors such as the type of pool, the size and complexity of your outdoor space, and the permit requirements within your municipality.


The designing phase of your new pool takes 2-6 weeks. You will meet with one of our expert pool landscape designers to discuss the vision you have for your pool and yard. Our professional 2D and 3D landscape design service provides you with a 2D and 3D visual representation of the project. This will help you better visualize your outdoor space to make informed decisions and ensure the final result meets your expectations. Depending on the number of revisions, it can take several weeks to come to the perfect design for your pool and backyard space.


It can take anywhere from 1-6 months to obtain a permit in Ontario, depending on the municipality that you live in. To obtain a permit, neighbors, city officials, and local professions are communicated with to ensure that you are building in a legal, safe, and respectable manner. Some municipalities have minimal requirements, while others require several levels of approval, attendance at a board meeting and involvement from an engineer. Working with an expert who is familiar with the local municipalities and knows how to navigate the requirements can help ensure a smoother process.


Excavation typically takes 1 week. Unforeseen complications can arise if the dig-site is restricted by utility lines or other obstructions, which can lengthen the excavation process to a week or more.

Pool Installation

The type of pool that you have chosen will change the timeline for this step.

Fiberglass pools take 1-2 weeks. The process requires the area to be dug out and the fiberglass pool installed. This is the quickest installation option.

Vinyl pools take 2-3 weeks. This process requires the area to be dug out, steel to be laid, and electrical wiring and plumbing installed to ensure the underworking of the pool is set up for maximum reliability.

This process can take even more time depending on the size and complexity of your pool and if you are installing additional amenities, such as lighting, water features, or spa features.

Landscaping & Additional Amenities

Landscaping features take 1-4 weeks and could include a deck, patio, garden, or shade structure. The timeline for this step can take over a month to complete, depending on the extent of your landscaping needs and the complexity of features you would like to add.

After completing these steps, you can enjoy your new backyard luxury resort-style oasis! Although two or three months can seem like a long time, it is a blink of an eye in comparison to the years of fun that will be had in your new pool.

If you're wondering about the specific costs associated with building a pool, including the price of various pool types and additional features, check out our detailed blog, How Much Does It Cost to Build a Pool in Ontario? This comprehensive guide will help you understand the financial aspects of pool installation to better plan your budget.

Contact one of our pool specialists to start designing your dream poolscape today.

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